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粵語聖詩第5集 106首詩歌


粵語聖詩第5集 106首詩歌


1 看天於清早(清晨歌) Golden Breaks the Dawn
2 光輝歸予真神 God Be the Glory
3 頌主!頌主! Praise Him! Praise Him!
4 高聲稱讚神聖上主 Praise to the Holiest in the Height
5 可親恩主人間之父 Dear Lord and Father of Mankind
6 大家恭敬公義主宰 Let Us Love The Lord of Justice
7 每當跟主一起 Trust and Obey
8 我要讚美天國君王 Praise My Soul, the King of Heaven
9 上主真光正照耀 The Light oF God is Falling
10 主,祢話語一起 Lord, Thy Word Abideth
11 頌主之心 O For a Heart to Praise My God
12 耶穌,今我好友伴 Jesus, Lover of My Soul
13 啊!基督站立等待 O Jesus, Thou Art Standing
14 惟獨基督,我眾啟示 Jesus Only is Our Message
15 基督我恩主愛我無盡期 Now I Belong to Jesus
16 恩主愛心 The Love of God
17 有一活泉注滿寶血 There is a Fountain Filled with Blood
18 祢愛多麼長闊高深 O Love, How Deep, How Board, How High
19 渴想已久,主,請來臨 Come, Thou Long-Expected Jesus
20 主基督甘降下伯利恆城 Jesus My Savior, to Bethlehem Came
21 天色灰黑地震動 Dark the Sky and Quaking Ground
22 摯愛主基督,甚麼惡祢干犯? Ah, Holy Jesus, How Hast Thou Offended
23 基督,釘身苦痛裏(十架七言歌) Jesus in Thy Dying Woes
24 啊!愛偉大 O Great Love
25 但願祢聖旨得達成 May Your Will be Done
26 是誰令我主這樣? Who has Struck You in This Way
27 彼得沒有去反思 Peter, Who Does Not Think Back At All
28 基督將真福賜下 Christ, Who Makes Us Blessed
29 看哪!偉大王,能力世世千代 Ah, Great King, Great in All Ages
30 藉上帝之子給監押 Through Your Imprisonment, Son of God
31 藏匿於我的心底 In the Depths of My Heart
32 每事衡量極細心 He Thought Carefully of Everything
33 請主基督給幫助 Oh Help Us ,Christ, God’s Son
34 恩主,請祢派遣天使 Ah Lord, Let Your Dear Angels
35 摯愛主基督,甚麼惡祢干犯? Dearest Jesus, What Crime Have You Committed
36 應是我受這責罰 It Is I – I Am the One Who Should Atone
37 牧者今把我迎候 Recognise Me My Shepherd
38 現今我於主身邊 Here I Will Stand By You
39 我主心想 What My God Wishes
40 我曾經給世間欺騙 The World Has Deceived Me
41 是誰令祢遭惡待 Who Has Struck You So
42 若我走差遠避恩主 If I Have Strayed From You
43 我將重擔交祢手 My Burden in Thy Passion
44 多麼的奧妙是這至重處罰! How Wondrous This Punishment Is!
45 受傷基督之聖首 O sacred Head, now wounded
46 上主安慰作護盾 Be Thou My Consolation
47 兒女唱詩,高聲讚頌 O Sons and Daughters, Let Us Sing!
48 奠基石獻心祈禱 On This Stone Now Laid With Prayer
49 恩主,聽祢眾僕役頌讚聲 Hear Us, O Lord
50 在主基督恩典之中 In Christ There Is No East Or West
51 凡有氣息,當去靜默 Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence
52 懇請主穿我的耳 Pierce My Ear
53 每當月明夜晚 When You Pray
54 父親,深知道我一生 Father, I Know That All My Life
55 主基督請記念 Lord Jesus, Think on Me
56 願父引牽奔走和平路徑 Lead Us, O Father, in the Paths of Peace
57 恩主,叫我被俘 Make Me a Captive, Lord
58 我心中信賴(靈修歌) My Heart Looks in Faith
59 天國願望來臨 Thy KIngdom Come, O God
60 分開生命之餅 Give to Your People, Lord
61 靈魂牧人煥發賜福 Shepherd of Souls, Refresh and Bless
62 高天與地、洋海之主 O Lord of Heaven and Earth and Sea
63 像我這般,不會抗辯 Just As I Am, Without One Plea
64 主聲音發出呼聲 The Voice of God is Calling
65 請聽耶穌大聲喚叫(募工歌) Hark!The Voice of Jesus Calling
66 我主親切召喚 I Hear Thy Welcome Voice
67 回頭望,世人,拋棄眾愚妄 Turn Back, O Man, Forswear Thy Foolish Ways
68 如若我可幫助人 If I Can Help Somebody
69 我眾必得勝 We Shall Overcome
70 我眾一起集結 We Gather Together
71 我要鍛鍊心志力量 I Want a Principle within
72 樂暢中默然靜思 Hard Times Come Again No More
73 來學似基督 To Be Like Jesus
74 看看誰要勇敢 He Who Would Valiant Be
75 門徒,有否看見 Christian!Dost Thou See Them
76 每個國族,每個人民(决定歌) Once To Every Man And Nation
77 我看見往日夢似煙 I Dreamed a Dream
78 恩主,讓我跟祢同行 O Master, Let Me Walk with Thee
79 尋找真理,考究沒倦(百年樹人歌) In Quest of Truth Unwavering
80 青年燦爛時光 Now in the Days of Youth
81 病患病重苦困人們 Thou to Whom the Sick and Dying
82 基督進入家裏 When The Lord is Welcomed
83 生於世間靠頼父母(孝親歌) Who’s Been Born Without Two Parents?
84 世間天父所創 This is My Father’s World
85 主愛小朋友天真 Jesus Loved Each Little Child
86 基督叫我發光 Jesus Bids Us Shine
87 心真高興 I’m so Happy
88 兩眼看天,看主意思 Two Little Eyes to Look to God
89 請述說耶穌的故事 Tell Me the Stories of Jesus
90 可愛小孩屬於神 Little Ones of God Are We
91 救主忍耐指導我 Saviour, Teach Me, Day by Day
92 盼能有天,作一宣教勇士 I Can Be A Little Missionary
93 我主基督,保護施恩(奇愛歌) Jesus, Master, Gracious Saviour
94 在寧靜裏 Be Still, My Soul
95 在遇試煉之中 In the Hour of Trial
96 每當擾困,就靠我主 When Tempted Sore, to Jesus Come
97 在半夜漆黑之中 Til the Storm Passes By
98 漆黑中祈禱仰望(生命之歌) Song Of Life
99 神同在 You Were There
100 上主,為這世間禱告 Lord, While for All Mankind We Pray
101 面對困境不必驚怕 God Will Take Care of You
102 我有困惱憂傷眼淚 Through It All
103 祢說祢會 For Those Tears I Died
104 耀眼黃金照聖城 Jerusalem the Golden
105 耶京,妳展現新天 A New Jerusalem We Seek
106 人人要向主呼求 Very Last Day

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