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粵語聖詩 第3集 101首詩歌



粵語聖詩第3集 101首詩歌

No 歌名 Title in English
1 今開始一起 From This Time Onwards
2 無去分返邊間教會宗派 Give Me Your Hand
3 大家八方雲集 In Mission Together
4 全地各方人聚此間 O Many People of All Lands
5 釋放我靈魂 Set My Spirit Free
6 主,鑒察我 Search Me, O God
7 懇請國君來臨 Come, Thou Almighty King
8 神祢國榮美 Yours is the Kingdom
9 和平偉大主宰 O God of Peace
10 看!不可思議 O Look and Wonder
11 我眾爸在上天 (主禱文) Our Father In Heaven (The LORD’s Prayer)
12 聖潔,至高,聖善 Holy, Holy, Holy
13 讚我主,祢創世界極奇妙 O Our God, You Created This Our World
14 聖潔至聖主宰 Holy God
15 從不會有人見神 If We Love One Another
16 與神行! Go With God!
17 世界偉大神 God of All the World
18 主基督,愉快之光 Jesus Christ, the Gladdening Light
19 主啊,心於這裏 Jesus, We Are Here
20 聖潔主愛超過所有 Love Divine, All Love Excelling
21 投靠基督將身心獻 Singing I Go
22 一生中恩主領航我 All the Way My Savior Leads Me
23 十架恩典我願近 Near the Cross
24 心中奏起一精彩音樂 There’s Within My Heart a Melody (He Keeps Me Singing)
25 神兒子 Jesus, Son of God
26 孕育是靠聖靈 Nurtured by the Spirit
27 皆因基督願進入引牽旅途 We Have Hope
28 耶穌基督釋放我們 Jesus Christ Sets Free to Serve
29 寧願我屬耶穌 I’d Rather Have Jesus
30 得福的確據 Blessed Assurance
31 耶稣、恩主、靈、紅日! Jesus, Saviour, Spirit, Sun!
32 主必降雨般賜福氣 There Shall Be Showers of Blessing
33 大雨降彰顯主公義 God’s Justice Will Come
34 我愛傳揚這故事 I Love to Tell the Story
35 請講給我救主故事 Tell Me the Story of Jesus
36 願望齊唱天使歌 Let Us Join the Angels’ Song
37 光輝給上主高天家 Glory to God
38 祢上天降下 You Came Down to Earth
39 遠超眾知 More Than We Know
40 慘被打傷,鞭傷為我 Wounded for Me
41 王袍紫色 A Purple Robe
42 教會獨一的根基 The Church’s One Foundation
43 遠處深山幽谷中有一鄉村(三次鐘聲) The Three Bells
44 見你已常祈禱 Someone Is Praying For You
45 祈禱,祈禱,齊來信神 The Lord Will Answer Prayer
46 陽光殞落於海 The Sun Sets in the Sea
47 相信主耶穌 Trusting in Jesus (I)
48 相信主基督 Trusting in Jesus (II)
49 哦!主,願祢保守我內裏 Guard My Heart
50 來,恩主,入到我悲痛 Come, O God, into My Sorrow
51 祢說話放在心 Your Word In Our Lives
52 眼睛仰賴祢,至高主宰 I Lift My Eyes to You, God
53 點着火舌去光照黑暗 Kindle a Flame to Lighten the Dark
54 我將我掛慮交託主 I Cast All My Cares Upon You
55 任何地及任何時 Anytime and Anywhere
56 陽光漸去,黑夜入晚 At Even Ere the Sun was Set
57 分享活我的餅 Break Thou the Bread of Life
58 基督教會似張枱 The Church is like a table
59 生於這世上 For Everyone Born
60 快慰是那蒙主賜賞 Happy the One
61 基督内歸一 We Are One in Christ
62 一生於主手裏 My Times Are In Thy Hand
63 主讓我祈求,付出,得差遣 He Wants Me to Pray, Give, and Go
64 願望恩主保守 God Be With You
65 遠走與返歸 Going and Coming
66 懇求主賜福 Bless and Keep Us, God
67 求神施福愛護 May God’s Love
68 救活那個喪志 Rescue the Perishing
69 如我眾願跟隨 As Long As We Follow
70 天主看顧你 God to Enfold You
71 也許你質問我 Someone May Ask Me Why
72 善樂的人 Happy the Man
73 為這個香江我衷誠禱告 For This Our Nation, We Ardently Pray
74 願太平 Pray for Peace
75 大眾悲痛(記念「九一一」) In Our Distress
76 在悲慘烽煙中 Amid the Pain of War
77 生來會呼吸 The Courage to Believe
78 我是你媽媽(地球的禱告) I Am Your Mother(Earth Prayer)
79 至尊醫生今天走近 The Great Physician Now is Near
80 願神賜福這救傷應急醫院 Lord, Send Thy Blessing on This House of Healing
81 怎得安康? Peace, Perfect Peace
82 我聽主愛之聲 I Hear the Words of Love
83 求賜信心永不膽怯 O, For a Faith That Will Not Shrink
84 人生之中困苦總會有盡頭 Will Soon Be Passed
85 需要恩主 I Need Jesus
86 心中疲倦充滿着悶煩 Turn Your Eyes upon Jesus
87 聖經中清楚記下神曾應許 Nothing Is Impossible
88 芽苗裏 有鮮花暗藏(應許頌) In the Bulb There is a Flower (Hymn of Promise)
89 蓓蕾中會開出鮮花 (應許頌) In the Bulb There is a Flower (Hymn of Promise)
90 當一粒麥子落在地裏 When a Grain of Wheat
91 哈利路亞!心感快慰 Hallelujah!I’ve Been Happy
92 髮絲千千都已被數算 God Counts Each Hair
93 有個女子叫路得 Woman Live a Moab Lan’ (Ruth and Naomi)
94 得到主愛我深知 Jesus Loves Me
95 救主一天就快要到 When He Cometh
96 親愛孩子安心睡眠 All Through The Night
97 天生個個好想似某人 Everybody Need to be Someone
98 願望有日,辛勞捨棄 Saved by Grace
99 世間萬事有定算 Each Thing Has a Certain Time
100 心想天堂 My Heaven
101 啊!我心中主成異象在心 Be Thou My Vision

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